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Shenzhen herbal capital Current Location:homepage News information Media report Not leaving a single poor family behind Renhe Group actively fulfills its social responsibilities

Not leaving a single poor family behind Renhe Group actively fulfills its social responsibilities

Source: Jiangxi News Network


                    The national network media reporter listened to the explanation of Renhe 863 Science Park

      China Jiangxi network news reporter Cao Qi Qiu Yecheng photo report: to Xingtang Village Committee donated love money 80,000 yuan,Help local farmers repair irrigation ditches,Donated 100,000 yuan to Aozhou Village Committee of Yanghu Township,Help the village to improve infrastructure construction,To set up a local medical studio, villagers' activity room as one of the "villagers' home"...The 30th of May,National key network media line reporter walked into camphor tree,See Renhe Group actively fulfill social responsibility,The vivid practice of helping poor households get rid of poverty and get rich。

      It is understood that Xingtang Village Committee of Zhangjiashan Street, Zhangshu City, Jiangxi Province is a provincially poor village, the village is located in the northwest of Zhangshu City, a total of 19 village groups, the existing agricultural population of 687 households 2721 people, 80% of poor households and marginal households。The economic development of the village is based on agriculture, with an area of 4,000 mu of arable land, single industry and backward economy. In 2014, the per capita annual net income is about 5,000 yuan。There are few new rural construction points, village infrastructure construction and public services are seriously lagging behind, the poor population is concentrated, the traffic is backward, some natural villages have not been cement road, the masses urgently demand to change the backward status quo。

      Renhe Group responsible person said,"To do this job comprehensively,The Group company has set up a targeted poverty alleviation action task force,Peng Jianjing, vice chairman of the trade union of the Group, was appointed as the leader of the Action team of Precision Poverty alleviation in Xingtang Village and the first secretary of the Village Committee in Xingtang;Chen Shuihua, deputy director of the general manager's office, was appointed as the leader of the task force for precise poverty alleviation in Aozhou Village,The heads of the company office, publicity department and other relevant departments are members of the task force。The two task forces were carefully organized, carefully planned, and solidly carried out all the work of targeted poverty alleviation。In order to find out the basic situation of the two villages, the comrades of the task force insisted on staying in the villages as required, visiting households and understanding social conditions and public opinions。Publicize the relevant policies such as village assistance, medical cooperation, social security, housing construction, and floating population management to the masses in a timely manner, so that they can understand the Party's policies。”

      In 2017, Renhe Group was praised by the Jiangxi Provincial government as an advanced private enterprise in the province's "thousands of enterprises helping thousands of villages" precision poverty alleviation action。In order to further lead the villagers to increase income and get rich, Renhe Group not only directly "transfused" poor villages, but also helped improve infrastructure。Also vigorously develop industrial poverty alleviation to poor villages "hematopoietic"。It is understood,Xingtang Village is Zhangshu City vegetable planting base,The task force discussed with rural cadres and related poverty-alleviation households,Adopt the "company + farmer" model,Provide information and technical support to poverty-stricken households,Help them actively develop vegetable cultivation,The team also coordinated the connection between vegetable growers in the village and the logistics department of the group,Sell the products directly to the canteen of each unit of the company,Push local villagers to get rich。

      Aozhou Village in Zhangshu City Yanghu Township can also see the staff of Renhe Group busy up and down the figure。"Teaching people to fish is better than giving them fish, and we also provide skills training to villagers to improve their skills.。Fully investigate, grasp the needs of farmers, training implementation methods According to the needs of farmers, really do what farmers need to train what training methods, farmers like what kind of training methods to take what training methods, the training process to adopt a combination of theory and practice。By conducting training,It has further changed the production concept of the masses in the poor villages,Improved production efficiency,The poor people's capacity for self-development has been enhanced,Enable the poor villages and poor households to master 1-2 practical production technology,Widen the way for rural families to increase income,It has improved the skills of poor families in employment and entrepreneurship and their ability to get rich,Enhance the farmer's own "hematopoietic" function,It has promoted the development of poor villages。In view of the close distance between Aozhou Village Committee and the Group, priority is given to the relevant poverty-stricken households for employment or recommended employment, and at present, the village committee has 5 poor households working in the production subsidiary。”

      According to Ji Dongling, vice president of Renhe Shares, "Renhe Group has been adhering to the original intention of drinking water and thinking about the source of return to society, and has accumulated donations of more than 100 million yuan, and has settled laid-off workers and poor households for more than 10,000 people.。Under Renhe's targeted poverty alleviation, Renhe has won many awards, not only as the national advanced private enterprise in employment and social security, but also as the advanced unit of poverty alleviation and public welfare in 2017。According to the introduction,Since 2016, Yichun City's "100 enterprises help 100 villages" precision poverty alleviation activities have been launched,Renhe Group signed a pair assistance agreement with Xingtang Village and Aozhou Village of Yanghu Township, Zhangjiashan Street, Zhangshu City,And actively sort out the poverty alleviation ideas for the two village committees connected with the points,Several donations have been made to help villages build schools and rural road infrastructure,It has also adopted a series of targeted poverty alleviation measures such as industrial poverty alleviation, skill training, and employment placement for poor households,Lead the poor households to increase their income and become rich,Build a beautiful and happy countryside。

      Over the next two years, the environmental health of the village has been improved, the village appearance has taken on a new look, and the villagers' dark faces have smiled and blossomed。At the same time, Renhe Group also gives full play to its own advantages as a pharmaceutical company and carries out "send health" activities, so that poor households and left-behind elderly people can also see a doctor and take medicines free of charge "without leaving their homes"。By conducting training,It has further changed the production concept of the masses in the poor villages,Enhanced their ability of self-development,So that poor households can basically master one or two practical production technology,Widen the way for rural families to increase income,It has improved the skills of poor families in employment and entrepreneurship and their ability to get rich,Enhance the farmer's own "hematopoietic" function。

      Renhe, as its name, to human peace, peace is the most valuable, in the active implementation of social responsibility, not to let a poor household behind the poverty alleviation road, Renhe contributed a heavy ink!

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