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National network media reporter into the Renhe Pharmaceutical industry to experience the millennium "Changgang" culture

Source: China Jiangxi Net  

  China Jiangxi network news reporter曹琦 Qiu Yecheng photo report: "Medicine is not the camphor tree is not uniform, but the camphor tree is not good", Jiangxi camphor tree is famous for medicine, with a profound medical culture of 1800 years。On May 30, the national network media reporter walked into the Renhe 863 Science Park and saw the inheritance and reproduction of the millennium medical culture。

  Entering the exhibition hall, the first thing that catches the eye is a series of traditional crafts。There are Paeony flying to heaven, Huangbai domino tablets, orange peel a line, Astragalus Lancet, Sichuan vault butterfly tablets, Magnolia officinalis nail tablets..."The cutting process of camphor tree includes washing, moistening, cutting and other processes。Delicate pieces need to be created by delicate techniques。The famous traditional handicraft of camphor tree - white peony flying to the sky, can cut one-inch length of white peony into 360 pieces, the pieces are as thin as cicada wings, floating like snow, praised as "white peony flying to the sky"。Complete, smooth and symmetrical white peony decoction pieces, famous in the national pharmaceutical field;At the same time, the cutting of medicinal materials also led to the related tool industry, the blade knife and medicine knife made by the camphor tree Xiong Wenqin brothers in the Republic of China are exquisite and sharp, with small faces and thin mouth, known as the "camphor knife", which is used by pharmaceutical workers in the Yangtze River Valley and Jiangnan provinces。"The relevant person in charge of Renhe Group said。

  Zhangshu Pharmaceutical industry has a long history, the Eastern Han and Emperor Yongan three years (91), the Western Han Zhang Liang ninth Sun Zhang Daoling from Sichuan Heming mountain came to Zhangshu Pavilion Zao Mountain, in Zhangshu Pavilion Zao Mountain alchemy, medicine, preaching。In the seventh year of Jian 'an in the Eastern Han Dynasty (202 AD), Ge Xuan, a famous Daoist and the founder of Taoism, picked medicine and built a kitchen to make medicine in the southeast of the city。Camphor tree in The Three Kingdoms period put a medicine stall, the Tang Dynasty has a medicine market, the Song Dynasty formed a medicine city, Ming and Qing Dynasties for the north and South Sichuan and Guangzhou herbal medicine collection "medicine dock"。To Qianlong years, Zhangshu town has 80% of the people "medicine rice", medicinal lines, number, village, shop nearly 200, processing workshop 100, is one of the four ancient towns in Jiangxi, is also one of the 33 famous big industrial and commercial towns in the country。The pharmacies opened by camphor people are all over the country and have become the "camphor medicine gang" famous in China's pharmaceutical industry.。

  "This is the first time I came to Renhe 863 science Park, where I heard the story of ancient sages in medicine, and also saw the inheritance of Renhe on traditional Chinese culture, which really opened my eyes and increased a lot of knowledge!"Many network media reporters unanimously said that Renhe is an enterprise with rich cultural connotations。"Here you can not only see the antique, beautiful and elegant garden style buildings, but also see a lot of Taoist culture, medical culture, this is a company with profound information!"

  It is understood that Renhe (Group) Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, is a rooted in the "medicine of less than camphor trees, but camphor trees are not good" millennium "medicine capital", growing in Jiangxi this red land of ethnic medicine enterprises。Over the years, Renhe Group adhering to the "people-oriented, peace is the most valuable" concept, along the "service for human health" road unremitting pursuit, has achieved sustained, healthy and rapid development。

  Renhe shares deputy general manager Ji Dongling said,"It is the millennium medicine capital - camphor tree gave birth to Ren and this enterprise,In the office building of Jiangxi Yaodu Zhangshu Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Renhe,"Inheritance is not ancient,The ten eye-catching characters of "Pioneering Buzong" explain the production development concept it follows,It shows the inheritance and promotion of traditional medicine technology by "Changbang people",Practice in the new era of traditional Chinese medicine people to "fine to micro" artisan spirit of adherence。In Renhe, the traditional method of teaching skills, "master with apprentice", is still preserved。Traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing in the selection of materials, processing, identification, inspection, circulation of each link condensed ingenuity。Renhe has a complete set of teacher education and skill rating mechanism。Every year, the company will select a group of excellent senior technicians, senior technicians and other apprentices, not only from the work, and even in life to establish a close relationship。”

  In more than 10 years of persistence, Renhe is committed to innovation driving on the basis of carrying forward the spirit of traditional artisans, and finally achieved revenue of more than 10 billion Renhe dream last year!

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