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Futai Xin antibacterial lotion

【正规买球APP十佳排行】 Futai Xin Antibacterial lotion
Ingredients: FOLIUM BAECKEAE, OLEUM EUCALYPTI, chlorhexidine acetate, etc。
[Indication] This product is used for female vaginal irrigation, vulva cleaning and daily health care for men and women。
1, vaginal discomfort, dilute with warm water, inject into the doucher, then insert into the vagina, squeeze the bottle for washing。2, vulva cleaning and daily hygiene care, take the appropriate amount of raw liquid to clean, care of the site directly rinse。
1. Do not take it internally。2, if there is a little precipitation in the storage process is normal, do not affect the use effect, please shake well before use。3. It shall not be used for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in sexual life。
[Specification] 280ml/ bottle *1 bottle/box *40 boxes/box

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